Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/26/06 Dr. Sidney Kay and I recently shared the podium at a University of Texas Medical Branch symposium on “Elders: Their Role and Voice in their Faith Communities.” Afterwards, Dr. Kay asked me two good questions: What do you do as a Silver-Haired Legislator? Who pays for what you do? We are challenged to spend the weeks following the July orientation session conferring with our constituents with the goal of drafting viable resolutions for pre-filing in September when we meet to propose legislation for the January biennial session of the Texas Legislature. Who funds the Silver Haired Legislature? Having refused any state funding, members of the Silver Haired Legislature pay their own way except for some training expense funded by an under-subscribed TSHL Foundation. But hang on to your purses and wallets, as plans are under way for an endowment fund to support the Galveston County’s TSHL in the future.