Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/27/06 (no weblink available) Guest Column by Tia McCurdy: I learned a long time ago that planning is a critical part of preparing for most things in life. Planning involves not only thinking of what’s important and necessary to complete a task when the unexpected occurs, but also playing “what if” when preparing for possible event scenarios. It is imperative to examine these to be prepared for the different ways a situation could evolve. As we all start thinking about the summer and the good and maybe not-so-good things that may develop, it would service us to be prepared for those “rainy days.” That phrase may be an understatement when we consider hurricanes. In my professional life, my attention is focused on the senior population. I concentrate on how to add to the quality of life for this ever-growing population and one way to do this is by providing good information.