Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 07/14/06 The University of Texas Medical Branch is a strong institution, John Stobo assured the city council on Thursday. “We just need to get to a better financial position than where we are now,” he said. Stobo, who has been president of UTMB since 1997, said the institution in that year generated about $1 billion in revenues. The number has now grown to $1.4 billion, but to keep up with rising costs, it should be bringing in about $300 million more. The institution is putting together a three-year plan aimed at producing a healthier bottom line. Its goal is to bring in enough revenue to cover depreciation and to provide an operating margin of up to 3 percent to be used for strategic investments. Stobo noted the institution had grown more efficient. Its 13,000-member work force is about 1,300 smaller than it was in 1997. Still, the institution has a ways to go. “As we benchmark ourselves against other institutions, we find there are areas where we could be more efficient,” he said.