Houston Chronicle (Internet / Print) 07/19/06 On Tuesday, Dr. Anna Pou, a cancer and ear, nose and throat specialist who once worked at UTMB in Galveston, and nurses Cheri Landry and Lori Budo were accused of deliberately killing four patients, ages 62 to 90, with a "lethal cocktail" of morphine and the sedative Versed as they labored in the storm's chaotic aftermath. Friends and former co-workers of Pou's at UTMB said they could never believe Pou capable of the crime with which she is charged. "She is one of the most sincere, dedicated doctors that I have ever met," said Deborah Pearcy, a UTMB operating room nurse manager who worked with Pou. "I can't imagine her doing anything to cause any harm to anybody." "She was extremely dedicated to her patients," said Paula Newlands, longtime friend of Pou's and wife of Dr. Shawn Newlands, a UTMB surgeon who worked with Pou. "She has a lot of friends and supporters here in Galveston." Pou was former director of UTMB's division of head and neck surgery. (This Associated Press story has appeared throughout the United States and abroad on TV and in Print.)