Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel (Internet / Print) 07/22/06 Roach's presentation revolved around two living artists who use science in their work quite effectively: June Wayne and Dr. Eric Avery. June Wayne revived lithography in the West, Roach said. She is now in her 80s, and her art is clearly influenced by space science and the cosmos. Avery, a psychiatrist at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, works with clients who have HIV and Hepatitis C. "He uses his art to speak to his patients," Roach said. "It is a teaching tool to help them understand what happens to them during treatment." The art is not only therapeutic for the patients, it's therapeutic for the artist, Roach said, adding that Avery's work is now being used in the Texas prison system. "My viewpoint is somewhat Utopian," Roach said. "But I really hope to see a growing connection between the humanities and science." The round-table discussions were animated and impassioned, Carlson and Roach said.