Student Operated Press (Internet) 07/27/06 Research has suggested that tanning can be habit forming, especially to teens. But is tanning addictive? The study by the researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston may explain why many people continue to tan, despite widespread campaigns to alert of the dangers to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Using the cage questionnaire, researchers interviewed beach-goers regarding their sun habits. The cage method, which is used to determine alcohol and drug abuse, is also applied for ultraviolet light abuse. C stands for cutting down; the question posed here is if the tanner ever feels the need to cut down on his sun bathing. A is for annoyance; does the beach-goer ever become annoyed with others asking about his sun tanning? G brings guilt; does the sun tanner feel guilty about the amount of time spent tanning? Finally, E is for eye-opener; does the desire to catch the rays hit as soon as the person wakes up?