CNN (Internet / TV) 03/11/06 (no weblink available) A new invention by sixteen year old Trisha Pasricha of Houston could make the old fashioned polygraph obsolete. It’s an award winning science project that measures stomach activity. Trisha Pasricha offered, “My father is a gastroenterologist and my mother used to work for the FBI, and so when you put the two together I came up with the idea of using the stomach for a lie detector.” Her father, Dr. Jay Pasricha, director of the division of gastroenterology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and co-investigator in the UTMB study, said, “This is a subject that is of natural fascination to everybody. Everyone has lied or tried to lie at some point, and everyone is also aware of the fact that they get butterflies in their stomach when they’re nervous.”  While the study has only tested sixteen subjects, Trisha Pasricha is hoping that this is just the beginning. She added, “UTMB has applied for a patent and so what will hopefully happen is that we’ll get funding for research and then maybe one day it will be implemented on a large scale.”