Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 03/20/06 Gerald Cleveland is an evangelist for fitness. He’s the director of health promotion at the University of Texas Medical Branch, but he was spreading the word about fitness even before he joined the payroll. “I was working as a volunteer before I convinced them to start a program,” he said. In January, the medical center sponsored a program called Commit to Fit, where it offered a free lunch as an enticement to attend presentations on healthier lifestyles. There were presentations on healthy cooking and a series of programs on meditation and relaxation. At the same time, Cleveland’s staff has unveiled stretch break zones throughout the complex. “We have 30 machines in various locations,” he said. “We have some in the copy room for clerical workers who spend a lot of time at their desks. We have some in lab situations where researchers spend the whole day being over a microscope.”