Brazosport Facts (Internet / Print) 03/19/06 Imagine going to a local hospital and being examined by a specialist in Galveston via closed-circuit television. It’s an experience Sweeny Community Hospital and Angleton Danbury Medical Center hope to bring to their communities. Currently, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston provides the telemedicine program at the Brazoria County Health Department in Angleton, but the primary health care offered is limited to the county’s low-income residents. “What we’re interested in doing is getting more locations,” said Jim Wiginton, chief of the civil division of the Brazoria County District Attorney’s office. “A lot of negotiations are still going on with UTMB.” Sweeny Community Hospital administrators are interested in providing district residents with access to specialty doctors such as orthopedists, endocrinologists and neurologists, said Rhonda Moran, the hospital’s spokeswoman. The hospital hopes to work with UTMB to determine costs and availability, she said.