Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 03/22/06 (no weblink available) Guest Column by Dr. Suzanne Peloquin: An unassuming house in a neighborhood on First Street hums with the mission of those within: To provide Galveston and Brazoria County women who lack financial resources with residential treatment for substance abuse at no cost to the women. The women of ADA (Alcohol and Drug Abuse) House engage in 30 hours weekly of group sessions along with individual counseling, occupational therapy and daily 12-Step meetings. More than 2,000 women have received treatment through ADA. These women are wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Each of these women hopes to “give back” to ADA House. They all know that their best gift will be daily success. I left ADA with deep respect for the work that these women do. It was heartening to see hope growing strong in this modest house. Let’s be good neighbors and nurture that hope financially.