Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 03/23/06 “Look at me now, and you will know there is a God,” said Tyrone Smith. Smith, one of the survivors of the March 23, 2005, blasts at BP’s Texas City refinery, wanted to make it clear from the start the newfound purpose of his life. “I was alive and was just standing there yelling, thanking God for keeping me alive,” he said. Alive, but severely injured, Smith would spend the next three months in the burn unit at the University of Texas Medical Branch. His mom was by his side the whole time, praying for him to live. Live he did, with the help of the UTMB burn team, a group with which he remains close. “Every time I am there I have to hug every single one of them,” said Smith, who also credits the therapy staff at the medical center for helping him recover. “I always tell them they were the angels sent to protect us all.” Part of his recovery process is reaching out to others. With the encouragement of the burn unit staff, Smith has visited with others at UTMB about his experiences. (This story also appeared on KHOU-TV (CBS) Ch. 11 at