Now there are 135. That's how many medical tests, treatments and other procedures — many used for decades — physicians have now identified as almost always unnecessary and often harmful, and which doctors and patients should therefore avoid or at least seriously question. The lists of procedures, released on Thursday by the professional societies of 17 medical specialties ranging from neurology and ophthalmology to thoracic surgery, are part of a campaign called Choosing Wisely. “Americans want the latest, newest thing," said UTMB’s Dr. Howard Brody, whose 2010 challenge to physicians to identify worthless tests and treatments inspired Choosing Wisely. “Technological enthusiasm on the part of physicians and the general public makes them willing to adopt new things without rigorous testing. Only years later, and only if studies are done, do we see that it’s no good.” The news appears widely throughout the nation, appearing in such outlets as the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo! News, Fox News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer and Modern Healthcare, among others.