Orange Leader (Internet / Print) 03/28/06 Julie Ortolon thought she could not possibly have breast cancer. After all, she thought, breast cancer only hits older women and she was just 37. Her close friend, Debbie Eberhart, made efforts to convince Ortolon to go for an appointment since the mammography-screening van was scheduled to be in her area. One week after the screening Ortolon received a phone call she said she will never forget. “They told me they had found something and that I needed to go to U.T.M.B. (University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston) for a biopsy,” Ortolon said. “It was really scary since I didn’t realize anything was wrong. I couldn’t even feel the lump.” One week after the biopsy, Ortolon had surgery to remove the lump. “The whole thing from discovery to removal was only three weeks,” Ortolon said. The mammogram saved Ortolon’s life Eberhart said.