UTMB’s Dr. Michael Warren writes about health care scams in this week’s column: A reader recently notified me about some dishonest Medicare home health care scammers that deal in everything from providing medical equipment for home use to in house or skilled nursing services. The problem is that there is a need for these types of services and many bona fide organizations do provide services in an honest way. The truly professional companies hate these scammers as much as you and I do. … So, what to do? You have to have a healthy skepticism about these types of solicitations, whether by phone, mail, email or a knock on the door. One thing is for sure: Never give out any personal information to these people. If they are legit, they should give you a phone number to call them back, or to send you some literature about the product they are selling so you can decide if you want to purchase their product or service at your leisure.