Brazosport Facts (Internet / Print) 12/28/05 As residents and some legislators look for ways to plug gaps in the current health care system, clinics that provide low-cost medical services are filling basic needs. Those include Freeport’s Brazosport Medical Center, which offers health, dental and counseling services. Jonita Gautreau, an Oyster Creek resident on Medicaid, said she needs surgery because of pressure on her spinal cord caused by osteoporosis and a connective tissue disorder. She didn’t know about the medical center and didn’t know if it could help her. She said her legs sometimes go numb because of her condition. “I can’t seem to get any help,” said Gautreau, 58, who lives on $603 per month. She hopes University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston can help, but she has run into problems with medical records and her referral getting into the right hands.