Malaysia Star (Internet / Print) 01/13/06 Starting this Sunday, National Geographic Channel’s Microkillers Week takes a week-long look at dangerous viruses and diseases such as Ebola, tuberculosis, malaria and influenza, how they spread, and what would happen in hypothetical situations where new strains of these viruses come into existence. One of the featured experts on the programme, Dr C.J. Peters, a noted virologist from the University of Texas Medical Branch who was formerly chief of the Special Pathogens Branch at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, agrees that the next killer pandemic is a “when” and not an “if”.  “Most people believe that we will have another pandemic sooner or later,” he said in a telephone interview from Galveston, Texas. “And we will have a few million deaths from it. But it won’t necessarily be a 1918 kind of pandemic, or it won’t necessarily be like this avian flu, where it is still virulent when it becomes transmissible. So we don’t know what to expect. We only know some things are going to happen.”