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Thursday, May 25, 12:08pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/25/06 Miles Cloyd has studied the virus that causes AIDS for more than 20 years. Often chafing at conventional wisdom, his ideas were not always popular. Yet one of the University... more »

Thursday, May 25, 12:07pm News Highlights

New England Journal of Medicine (Internet / Print) 05/25/06 Editorial by Dr. Clarence Peters: What should be done about controlling LCMV in organ transplantation? The testing of potential donors by means of polymerase chain reaction or... more »

Wednesday, May 24, 10:23am News Highlights

Medical News Today (Internet) 05/24/06 Using one of the newest and most powerful tools of biomedical science, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) researchers have scored a dramatic success in the battle against... more »

Wednesday, May 24, 10:22am News Highlights

Science Magazine (Internet / Print) 05/24/06 Scientists are beginning to unravel the causes behind a massive outbreak of a little-known viral disease that's plaguing islands in the Indian Ocean. A broad sequencing study has yielded hints... more »

Wednesday, May 24, 10:21am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/24/06 Try to pencil in some time Thursday evening to hear a discussion about the financial health of the county’s largest employer, UTMB. In the past few years, the Legislature has... more »

Tuesday, May 23, 11:57am News Highlights

KUHF-FM (NPR) Freq. 88.7 (Internet / Radio) 05/23/06 Genital HPV infection is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the human pappilomavirus. It's estimated by the Centers for... more »

Tuesday, May 23, 10:26am News Highlights (Internet) 05/23/06 According to a second study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons titled, “The Impact of Aviation-Based Teamwork Training on the Attitudes of Health-Care Professionals,” which polled 489 active... more »

Tuesday, May 23, 10:25am News Highlights

Houston Chronicle (Internet / Print) 05/23/06 Some critics see a different "agenda" behind the public concern about bird flu — funding. Butcher says President Bush's $7.1 billion flu pandemic plan means a bonanza of grant money for researchers... more »

Monday, May 22, 10:32am News Highlights

Boston Globe (Internet / Print) 05/22/06 Two years ago, Linda Buck and an early colleague, Richard Axel, shared the Nobel Prize for their work chipping away at unraveling the mystery of how the brain translates... more »

Monday, May 22, 10:31am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 05/22/06 The University of Texas Medical Branch says it will use an $886,704 grant to provide stipends to seven students pursuing doctoral degrees in nursing and whose career plans... more »

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Displaying 6511 - 6520 of 6,850 Records   (Page: 652 of 685)
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