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Thursday, February 7, 2:35pm News ReleasesPhotosFeatures

GALVESTON, Texas - Until last week, 2-year-old Maria and 14-year-old Paola struggled each day with limb deformities that made it difficult for them to walk or play with other children. Now, after six weeks of recovery, these two children will be essentially normal, their lives changed overnight by... more »

Monday, February 4, 10:04am PhotosFeatures

Dr. Steven F. Viegas spoke with a doctor, live from the South Pole, on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2008, for a news report by Fox26 News from Houston.  The report about UTMB's telemedicine program was broadcast after the Super Bowl, when the Fox show, "House," depicted the lead character,... more »

Thursday, December 13, 2:12pm News HighlightsPhotosFeatures

Dr. David. L. Callender presented Dr. Joan Richardson a "Heart and Soul" award on Thursday, Dec. 13 for her leadership of the State Employee Charitable Campaign that exceeded its goal of $650,000 by more than $70,000. more »

Wednesday, December 12, 10:56am PhotosFeatures

Wednesday, December 5, 1:30pm PhotosFeatures

Photos by Raul Reyes, UTMB Public Affairs more »

Friday, November 30, 3:03pm PhotosFeatures

Thursday, November 29, 10:18am PhotosFeatures

Tuesday, November 27, 2:05pm PhotosFeatures

Dr. David J.P. Barker, epidemiologist and Fellow of the Royal Society, was keynote speaker for the "Babies at Risk" symposium Nov. 27 at the Galveston Island Convention Center. Barker presented extensive data from Great Britain, Holland, China, Finland, and elsewhere supporting... more »

Friday, November 16, 3:02pm PhotosFeatures

Friday, November 9, 3:05pm PhotosFeatures

Dr. Francisco Pernas, a resident in Otolaryngology, says hello to Tilly before her birthday party started on Friday, Nov. 9.  Tilly, a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, works in UTMB's Acute Care for the Elders Unit.  Tilly turned 8.  Deven Cockerell, Assistant Nurse Manager... more »

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Displaying 151 - 160 of 169 Records   (Page: 16 of 17)
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