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Friday, November 9, 10:17am PhotosFeatures

Tilly, a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who works in UTMB's Acute Care for the Elders Unit, got ready on Friday, Nov. 9 to celebrate her birthday.  Her friends and co-workers planned to have a cake with a doggy theme for themselves and a special cake made just for Tilly.  more »

Monday, August 27, 10:55am News ReleasesNews HighlightsPhotosFeatures

GALVESTON, Texas - The smiles on the two Gomez sisters were radiant, exuding a sense of pride, determination and confidence as they waited in line at William C. Levin Hall. As Victoria and Claudia Gomez, of Galveston, watched, first-year students at the University of Texas Medical Branch at... more »

Thursday, August 16, 2:55pm PhotosFeatures

It's a hot and very humid August morning and the temperature already is nearing 90. No breeze is blowing. There is no relief from the relentless heat. It's just a miserable summer day. But nothing is going to bring down Cindy Jones on this day, or on any day, for that matter. Her job at UTMB is to... more »

Thursday, August 9, 9:37am News ReleasesFeatures

GALVESTON, Texas — Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have good news for people who want to stay strong in their old age: older bodies are just as good as young ones at turning protein-rich food into muscle.A new study published today suggests that a diet... more »

Tuesday, August 7, 3:32pm PhotosFeatures

GALVESTON, Texas - It doesn't take long to figure out that James Reveley loves what he does. Reveley, a University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston dentist at the maximum security Connally Unit in Kenedy, speaks enthusiastically about extracting molars and repairing broken teeth. In a... more »

Tuesday, July 3, 4:48pm News ReleasesPhotosFeatures

GALVESTON, Texas - Heading out to have some fun outdoors? If so, don't forget to pack the vinegar and liquid bleach. That's the advice of Jon D. Thompson, director of the Southeast Texas Poison Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, who says that vinegar and bleach provide... more »

Wednesday, April 18, 12:32pm News ReleasesFeatures

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: APRIL 18, 2007 GALVESTON, Texas - Despite the fact that they both infect the liver, the hepatitis A and hepatitis C viruses actually have very little in common. The two are far apart genetically, are transmitted differently, and produce very different diseases. Hepatitis A... more »

Wednesday, April 4, 4:06pm News HighlightsFeatures

To raise awareness for disability issues currently in front of the State Legislature, Mikail Davenport, 58, a polio and cancer survivor, has been cycling for 25 days straight, towing his wheelchair from El Paso to Beaumont, a distance of 950 miles. On March 27, Davenport pedaled his way to UTMB... more »

Tuesday, March 6, 2:06pm Features

GALVESTON, Texas - Ines Gutierrez hurts all over. She gets around with a four-pronged walker; she has arthritis in her hands and a severe pain in her left shoulder which flashes down into her elbow. She may need surgery for the cataract in her left eye. On top of all that, she's clinically... more »

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Displaying 161 - 169 of 169 Records   (Page: 17 of 17)
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