Elizabeth Blackwell Society

The mission of the Blackwell Society is to promote wellness for the people of our community while developing camaraderie through social activities and mentorship. Our motto is "Helping each other, helping others."

Faculty Mentors
  • Patricia Beach, M.D. (Osler Scholar)
  • Robert Beach, M.D. (Osler Scholar, emeritus)
  • Lisa Cain, Ph.D.
  • Steven Lieberman, M.D.
  • Michael Malloy, M.D. (Coordinator)
Student Mentors
  • Zhi Cheng, SOM3
    Nathaniel De La Cruz, SOM3
    Laura Fonseca, SOM3
    Carlos Garcia-Jasso, SOM3
    Maria G. Gonzalez, SOM3
    Petra Kelsey, SOM2 (Osler Student Scholar)
    Samuel Mathis, SOM4
    Sterling McKissack, SOM4
    Monica Noori, SOM3
    Sean Paschall (MD/MPH), SOM4 (Osler Student Scholar)
    Roxanne Radi, SOM4 (Osler Student Scholar)
    Esther Robbins, SOM3
    Gabriela Tuttrup, SOM4
    Amara Uzoma-Uzo, SOM3

Roster of Members

The roster of the Blackwell Student Society members is available here.
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Elizabeth Blackwell
Elizabeth Blackwell
Blackwell Society is named in honor of
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell who was born in Bristol, England on February 3rd, 1821 and emigrated to the United States with her family in 1832. She was the first female physician to graduate medical school in the United States (Geneva Medical College, New York-1849) and was a great pioneer in the medical community. Her accomplishments included founding a medical college for women and training nurses to aid in the Civil War. She was also a strong advocate for women's equality, human civil rights, and abolition of slavery. She returned to England in 1869 and in conjunction with Florence Nightingale co-founded the London School of Medicine for Women.
She died in her home on May 31st 1910
in Hastings East Sussex, England.


A Way of Life

The vision of the Osler Student Societies is to provide developing physicians insight into "A Way of Life", described by Sir William Osler, not through formal lecture, but through the guidance of mentors in contact with students within and outside their academic setting.

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