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Student Readers' Theater Series ($5,000) - Student reading scripts incorporating research through exploration of relevant topics.
PI: Cheryl Kaplan, Institute for the Medical Humanities

Clinics Education and Training Mentor Program ($5,000) - Mentoring program for OSAs (outpatient support associates).
PI: Sandra Tillis, Clinics Education and Training

Cost Effective Care Seminar Series ($3,600) - Provides information about patient and institution incurred costs.
PI: Neisha D'Souza and Katrina Leonard, School of Medicine

Daily Reminders of Professionalism: The Medical Student Academic Calendar Project ($1,840) - Calendar featuring photographs and feature one of the 12 Professionalism Charter commitments.
PI: Judith Rowen and Brook Hyatt, Pediatrics

K.E.E.P. Our Promise ($5,000) - An interdisciplinary course and a direct intervention/service learning program.
PI: Jason Glenn, Institute for the Medical Humanities

Changing the Culture of Medical Education ($5,000) - A system to evaluate medical professionalism and humanism, provide a comparative analysis of assessment results.
PI: Sandra Riegle, Institute for the Medical Humanities