Compliance Certification Report

The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the periodic evaluation of the chief executive officer. (CEO Evaluation/Selection)
√ Compliant
Partially Compliant
In accordance with Texas law (1) and with The University of Texas System Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations (2), the chief executive officer (President) of UTMB is selected by the Board of Regents. The Board rule provides for selection of a President of a component institution through an Advisory Committee which recommends candidates to the Board or directly by the Board. The Committee membership includes at least one Regent appointed by the Chairman of the Board, two presidents from the UT System appointed by the Chairman of the Board, the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (for health-related institutions) three faculty members, two of which have the rank of associate professor higher, the Dean of the Medical School (at health-related institutions), one student in good academic standing selected by the student governance of the campus, the President of the alumni association of the campus, one non-faculty employee determined by the employee council or, in the absence of an employee council, the Chairman of the Board, and at least two representatives of the institutionís external constituency selected by the Chairman of the Board on the basis of their deep interest in and support of the institution, its programs, and its role in community activities.

Presidential selection criteria are determined in relation to the needs of the individual institution, including the academic, administrative, and business abilities of the candidates. If none of the names submitted by the Advisory Committee is satisfactory to the Board of Regents, they may either name a new committee or select a president under some other procedure they deem proper and appropriate.

The Regentís Rules and Regulations provide that the evaluation of the President at health-related institutions is primarily the responsibility of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (3). The evaluation is performed annually by the Vice Chancellor. The results of these evaluations are filed at the UT Systems (4). The UTMB President serves without a fixed term, subject to the pleasure of the UT System Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and approval of the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. When circumstances warrant or require such action, The UT System Chancellor has the authority to take action against a component institutionís president, including but not limited to suspension or leave of absence, subject to approval by the Board (5).
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A copy of the Presidentís evaluation is on file with annual accomplishments reviews, annual work plan and an evaluation signed by the President and UT System Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs. Letter dated July 16, 2007, from Kenneth I. Shine to Pamela G. Watson.
Hard copy located in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Regents' Rules and Regulations, Series 20201, Presidents, Section 3, Term and Removal from Office