Compliance Certification Report

The governing board has a policy whereby members can be dismissed only for appropriate reasons and by a fair process. (Board Dismissal)
√ Compliant
Partially Compliant
The members of The University of Texas System Board of Regents are State officials and subject to the provisions of the Texas Government Code as to Standards of Conduct. That Code provides for the process of removal from office of an elected or appointed officer who is a member of a board or commission having policy direction over a state agency and who has a personal or private interest in a measure, proposal, or decision pending before the board or commission, if that officer does not publicly disclose the personal or private interest in a meeting called and held in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act (1) (2).

An individual who violates this rule and does not disclose personal or private interests may be removed from office on the petition of the attorney general on the attorney generalís own initiative or on the relation of a resident or of any other member of the Board. If the court or jury finds from a preponderance of the evidence that individual violated the statute and that an ordinary prudent person would have known the individual's conduct to be a violation of the law, a judgment will be rendered removing the individual from office (1).
Texas Government Code, Chapter 572. Personal Financial Disclosure, Standards of Conduct, And Conflict Of Interest, Section 572.058, Private Interest in Measure or Decision, Disclosure, Removal from Office for Violation
Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, Open Meetings, Section 551.001, Definitions