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Comprehensive Standard 3.9.3

The institution provides a sufficient number of qualified staff—with appropriate education or experience in the student affairs area—to accomplish the mission of the institution. (Qualified staff)

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The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) provides appropriate and effective student programs and services that are central to maintaining and enhancing student learning and development. Specific student-directed programs are provided both centrally through the University Student Services (1) and in the schools of Medicine (SOM), Nursing (SON), and Health Professions (SHP) through their student affairs offices (2) (3) (4). The Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) provides services for GSBS students (5).

University Student Services in comprised of four distinct services: Enrollment, Student Health, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Student Life. Student Services also has an Office of Student Ombudsman and provides services for students with disabilities.

Enrollment Services oversees student admissions, financial aid, registration, and records (6). Student Health provides required immunizations, evaluation and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, wellness and primary care, included well woman and family planning, referrals, health education, veteran care, and travel medications (7). CAPS offers a variety of counseling services associated with academic, career, stress, depression, cultural identity, and interpersonal relationships. Most services at CAPS are by appointment, but drop-in and crisis care is also available. Online resources are also provided for those who are searching for information about such topics as alcohol and drug abuse, approaching a friend who needs help, and signs of emotional distress (8). Student Life assists students and faculty in implementing programs and activities that support personal and professional development, expand learning experiences, and provide opportunities for service, multicultural events, and civic engagement (9).

The Office of Student Ombudsman strives to remain neutral and independent to the highest degree possible within the University organization. The ombudsman assists students in reaching understandable resolutions when disagreement over University policies and procedures occur (10). Services for students with disabilities are provided in coordination with UTMB Human Resources and the Student Affairs personnel in the four UTMB schools. Policies related to students with disabilities are outlined in the Institutional Handbook of Operating Procedures and are applicable both to students considering admission to one of the schools at UTMB and those who acquire a disability while enrolled (11).

In addition to the programs provided by University Student Services, each of the four schools not only supports activities and programs in the University Student Services, but also provides school-specific programs that help ensure the academic success of their students. The SON, for example, provides pre-admission advising, career days, and job placement assistance. The SHP offers new student orientation, tutoring, and event coordination.

An organizational chart for student services personnel is attached (12). The staff, their job descriptions, and qualifications for student affairs position in University Services and at each school are summarized in the staff table (13).

In addition to the training and professional growth opportunities provided to University-wide student services staff, each school provides similar opportunities appropriate to their staff and its mission. These include both in house and outside training programs, including those sponsored by various national professional organizations (14).

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