Documentation Library

Below is a list of reference documents relating to the Kronos TimeKeeper Workforce system.  All documents would be best viewed using Adobe 5.0 and with desktop display settings at 1024x768.  Click here for instructions on how to check / change your settings.

Max Carry Over Vacation

Telephone Reference Guide - This document is designed to help employees enter time using the telephone.

My Time Detail - An on-line report developed to view your clocking transactions.

My Time Detail Reference Guide

Computer Reference Guide - This document is designed to help employees entering time using a computer.

Leave Request Form

Time Adjustment Form

For Timekeepers / Managers who edit and sign-off on timecards:

ALL Timekeepers and Managers must attend training before access is granted to edit and sign-off on timecards.  Register for the 4 hour classes here.

Manager and Timekeeper's Checklist - Provides a recommended checklist for timekeepers to follow.

Kronos Reference Manual - This manual is a comprehensive document designed to help Timekeepers and Managers edit and sign-off on employees timecards



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