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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my manager see my You Count! survey responses? Should I worry about responding honestly?
A: Don’t worry, it’s not possible for a manager or anyone else at UTMB to trace a response back to an individual. That's why UTMB hired Morehead Associates to manage the You Count! survey. Morehead Associates receives all survey responses, compiles the results and reports a summary to UTMB. The data is given to UTMB at the entity, department, and division levels. If less than five people respond in any given division, those responses are incorporated into the next larger group summary.

Q: Does this survey really matter? Why should I even participate?]
A: Your participation is critical to the survey success. It’s your opportunity to voice your opinion. While participation is voluntary, the more employees who participate, the more accurately we can identify and ultimately address employee perceptions and concerns.

UTMB takes this survey seriously. It's been developed so we can compare UTMB against national norms; and against our peers. UTMB has hired Morehead Associates, an international consulting to conduct the survey. Please visit their site at http://www.moreheadassociates.com to learn more about them.

Q: If I enter the raffle drawing for the cruise (or cash equivalent), can UTMB track back to find out who completed a survey?
A: No. The raffle and raffle entry process is distinct from the online survey submission. Both are managed by Morehead Associates, not UTMB.

Q: What exactly is the raffle prize?
A: There are 21 chances to win this year! The Grand Prize is for a voucher for a cruise for two or the cash equivalent of $2500!  New this year, the President and each of the three Executive Vice Presidents will have a drawing for one iPad and four 8GB Nano’s for those employees who successfully complete the questionnaire. At the close of the survey, Morehead Associates will automatically select five employees from each of their reporting areas as the winners of the iPads and Nanos. Morehead Associates will also automatically select the grand prize winner! 

Q: What if I only partially complete my survey? Do I get to participate in the drawing?
A: No. The survey must be completely filled out in order to be eligible for the drawing.

Q: When can I take the cruise? Are there restrictions? If I win the cruise do I have to use my vacation days?
A: The drawing will be held in March. The cruise voucher can be transferred to another person. The winner will need to use their accrued vacation time to take time off for the cruise or the winner can take the cash. 

Q: If I win the prize, what impact will that have on my taxes? How does this work?
A: UTMB will pay both the employee and the employer portion of all relevant taxes. At the end of the calendar year, the employee portion of the taxes related to the cruise will be added to the employee’s overall income on their W-2. This practice is commonly called a ‘gross-up,’ where the employee’s income is kept whole for tax purposes.

Q: Why didn’t I get to participate in the survey and get a chance in the cruise raffle?
A: The only reasons an employee would not be eligible to participate would be if they are not benefits eligible, or were hired after Jan. 21, 2011. You Count! has only been available to benefit eligible employees since its inception in 2000. We will continue to review the criteria for survey eligibility each year. In order to make the survey available we had to create a cutoff date.

Q: Why is the survey only online this year?
A: Nationally, online employee surveys are the standard and a best practice. Organizations (including health care) that only offer online surveys typically achieve a higher participation rate than those that use paper surveys. The use of online surveys also results in substantive cost savings, from printing, processing and postage reductions.

Q: What if I don’t have access to a computer at work?
We recognize that some employees don’t have access to a computer at a private workstation. If that’s you, we encourage you to participate at an alternate location at work or at home, at a friend’s house, at the Moody Medical Library (PCs are available at the library for employee use) or your local public library. You can take the survey from anyplace that you can access your email and/or have access to the Internet.   

Q: If I complete the You Count! survey via the web will my responses be confidential? Can UTMB trace my IP address?
A: Your survey is sent directly to Morehead Associates. No one from UTMB ever sees individual responses or knows who has responded. UTMB is only interested in the data summarized at group-levels, such as entity, department, and division levels.

While the Internet technology does make it possible for Morehead Associates (or any web server operator) to log site traffic, there is no practical purpose to justify the effort. An Internet protocol (IP) address is tied to a specific machine but it does not reveal who owns the computer or most importantly, who was using that computer at any given time. Matching individual responses to IP addresses is highly complex, time-consuming and expensive, and would require access to Morehead Associates's server log files. It's not part of the plan and runs counter to the purpose and intent of the survey. It's not being done.

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